African Development Organization
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African Development Organization supports many projects in Malta and Africa:

Health, Education, Women's Organizations and more.

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About Us

African Development Organization (ADO NGO) based in Malta is a non-governmental organization and its aims are as follows:

• Initiate new sustainable projects within West Africa working to increase regional development thus benefitting the country and local population.

• Encourage the economic development of the country towards a low carbon economy, working closely with local partners where possible to stimulate local employment.

• Contribute towards international objectives for development to which The Gambia is a signatory; such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Kyoto Agreement.

Special attention towards projects within the entire West African region:

• Reduce child mortality.

• Offer basic healthcare programs; distribution of medicines; medical aid and hospital regeneration programs. Reduce HIV/aids, malaria and other diseases.

• Primary schooling for all and educational programs aimed towards facilitating a bright future for the next generation.

• Respect the human rights of the individuals we engage with and ensure we are socially responsible in terms of health, well being and sustainability of projects.

• Contribute to development objectives as defined by the regional governments.

• Promote gender equality and empowerment of women.

• Combine and optimize, on a voluntary basis, all the activities of different organizations and countries worldwide which are active within the West African region seeking, where possible, increased cooperation to achieve development goals in an effective way. Special attention will be given towards structural and logistical issues.