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Our team:

Alex P.M. Pasmans

Chairman ADO NGO

Alex is a founding member of the ADO NGO and is currently Chairman and founding member of the Flemish Bureau for Sustainable Development in Belgium.

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Mdme Aja Jonsaba Kanteh
President of REFESA

Mdme Aja Jonsaba Kanteh has led the Womans Organisation of the Gambia for many years, and keeps strong connections with other sister organisations within the West African region, benefiting the projects of REFESA within the country.

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Dr Luc Lemmens
Member of Board of Advisors

Dr. Lemmens started obesity surgery in the first year (1976) of training in the department of Dr. Ceulemans.

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May Grima

Legal Consultant

Lawyer, partner of a law firm, a Notary Public (NP)and Doctor of Laws (LLD). Her focus is on the practice of family law, civil law, criminal law in connection with family law cases, employment and industrial relations along with arbitration. She is fully licensed to carry out client representations as to Ecclesiastical Tribunal for Marriage annulments.

Van Dam

Managing Director Nefinia Ltd - The Netherlands

Project Director Sustainable Energy & Water Solutions
African Development Organisation NGO

Alexander Starovoytov
Product Research Germany and Russia ECOREDS Industries S.A

Director Innovative Development Projects Hydro Power & Energy Distribution Projects African Development Organisation NGO .


Alex is highly motivated towards achieving real results and best possible outcomes in all situations.
He is an intelligent and caring individual who is determined to use all resources available to improve and assist the West African region to reach its highest potential in all key areas of development.

Fatoumatta Jallow
(Administrative Assistant)

I have the greatest respect for the ADO NGO team
They are kind and effective people. We all appreciate what they're doing.

Lamin Ceesay
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Recent Projects:

The Shelter

Charity concert dedicated to generate support for father Adriano's shelter for poor, elderly, socially excluded people. Performing: Chris and Moira, Billy Lee, The Voyage, and Belly Dancer Caramella.

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REFESA is a French word referring to the organization of sahellian women on agricultural and drought control.

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