AfricanDevelopment Organization

Projects for West Africa:

Ebola Prevention and information sessions to the local communities in Gambia, South Senegal and Guinea Bissau

The best way to contain Ebola is to prevent it and the African Development Organisation is uniquely positioned to do just that.

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Community Volunteering Projects in Teaching & Education in Gambia

Influence the futures of the youth and adults by lending a helping hand in classrooms across West Africa. Teach, support and play your days away as a volunteer on one of our teaching and education projects while providing much needed support to local teachers.

Disability Support And Skills Development Project Gambia - West Africa

Our aim is to promote identification, acceptance, inclusion and equal opportunities and rights for all persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in the Gambia. Volunteers spend their time providing much needed assistance with the under-resourced schools for people living with a disability in the Senegambia area

Special needs Education Project Gambia - West Africa

Join us as a volunteer on this rewarding Special Needs Education Project and gain teaching experience in a challenging environment, working with children with special needs and learning disabilities. Based in Gambia - West Africa

Teaching and Community Upliftment Project – The Gambia

Your volunteering mission on The Gambia Teaching and Community Upliftment Project is to contribute to child development and the local community through assistant teaching in local primary schools which lack sufficient resources, teachers and funds. Teach pupils how to preserve and protect the environment and wildlife of The Gambia as well as educating them on hygiene and other basic needs and issues.

Preventative Awareness Sessions on Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking – The Gambia, South Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

The African Development Organisation initiates awareness sessions on illegal migration and human trafficking by addressing the problems at the root of the situation.

Other Projects


Energy for Africa

Sustainable energy production across Africa:
- Hydro energy
- Solar energy
- Wind energy
- Geothermic energy
- Waste to Energy
- Research towards innovative energy resources, ...


Education for Africa

"University of life" project with:
- Exchange programs for student trainees between Europe/USA and Africa
- Online educational platform

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Women for Africa

Women awareness programs, projects against abuse, trafficking, etc;
In cooperation with REFESA,
IPA (International Police Association)

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Health for Africa

- Better medicines at affordable prices
- Alternative program for re-introduction of the natural products available within the region as a preventive tool,
- Project against malnutrition: with the use of moringa
- Anti diabetes project


Youth, the next generation for Africa

- Social and family values,
- Protecting the youth against radicalism, promoting ethical values;
- Fighting poverty by providing job solutions
- Awareness programs against the stream of young Africans seeking a better future in Europe

Recent Projects:

The Shelter

Charity concert dedicated to generate support for father Adriano's shelter for poor, elderly, socially excluded people. Performing: Chris and Moira, Billy Lee, The Voyage, and Belly Dancer Caramella.

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REFESA is a French word referring to the organization of sahellian women on agricultural and drought control.

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